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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm


Challenging mazes in Apple Worm is waiting for you. Use your smart brain to find the right direction, and control a worm to reach a black hole to free it.

Have you ever participated in a challenging game like this? The game where you have to control the worm to overcome all the difficulties and challenges to escape the black hole is very interesting. At the start of the game, you will see an apple placed in the slots of the maze terrain. The apple's position can be a trap that keeps you trapped and unable to move. Pay attention to the terrain, so you do not have to replay it too many times. You will accumulate experience and easily pass the next level when you have more experience.

Tips for you to win 

  • First, you should remember that eating the first apple is not a good way for you to pass the level because when eating the apple, the length of the snake increase, why you can be stuck easily.
  • Second, you need to base on the terrain of the maze to judge the way. In fact, the length of the depth and the length of the snake can help you to figure out how to get out of the maze.
  • Finally, play over and over again to gain experience for higher levels.

The features of Apple Worm

  • You can play as many times as you want.
  • Controlling the character is simple.
  • There are many levels with different difficulties to conquer.
  • The game helps you to practice the brain. 

How to play

Use arrow keys to control.