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Electron Dash

29 votes 4.3/5

Electron Dash is an exciting running game. Your mission is to control a running man to run as far as you can and collect as many hearts as possible.

In this game, you will experience a sense of speed and a feeling of great excitement. The mechanics of this game are super simple. Just control a running man to run in the neon tube. The further you can run, the higher the score you can get. Try your best to run as far as possible to get the highest possible score. Be careful with the laser beams, unstable tiles, and big holes. The game is over if you uncarefully hit the laser beams or fall into the holes. You can rotate the tubes or jump as high as possible to avoid them. Don't forget to collect as many hearts as possible to receive more lives.

Don't wait anymore! Click the 'Play' button to start to run now. How far can you run?

Features of Electron Dash

Endless racetrack

Easy control

Nice neon graphics and energetic music

How to play

Press the 'WASD' keys or 'ARROW KEYS' to run and jump.