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Slope Ball

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Slope Ball is an amusing running game. Your objective is to direct the ball to jump over the obstacles as it rolls on its own along the track.

In this game, you need to control your character which can be a ball, a ship, a UFO, or a sword to overcome obstacles. You can select one of the interesting characters in the Change Player section. You must try to get three stars to pass each level. As you play, the Progress Bar will show up, which indicates how successfully you have finished the track. Complete 100% to pass the level. Every time you hit an obstacle, you can be returned to different degrees depending on the pass you have achieved. For example, if you obtain 17% of the track, and when you collide an obstacle will return to starting at 0%. However, if you get above 50%, you will only have to return to starting at 48% of the way. You can also turn off the display for the Progress Bar in the Settings section. Try not to collide with obstacles if you do not want to start over. That will take you longer to get through a level. Be careful with all of them. Join the game and pass all the levels on the different maps.

Features of Slope Ball:

How to play: 

Use the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump