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Helix Jump

103 votes 4.3/5
Play Helix Jump free online, control a bouncing ball down a series of circular platforms by falling through the cracks. Avoid the spikes and red obstacles.
Initially in February 2018, Helix Jump was launched by Voodoo as a smartphone app. This is a fan created browser game and released in August 2020.

The basic mechanics of Helix Jump are simple to follow. The most important thing is to master your reflection and vision. You need to grip and turn platforms to match the ball with the cracks in order to move the bouncing ball. Do this for a combo movement and higher points in short succession.

You will use the points you receive to unlock new skins for your ball and stage.


  • Simple to play
  • Changeable ball models
  • Collectible diamonds
  • A random background color on each new game

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