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Geometry Dash Breeze

11 votes 3.4/5

Why don't you start your adventure in three lands in Geometry Dash Breeze now? Let's dodge various dangers, enter many portals, and collect many coins.

This game is a new version of the Geometry Dash series which offers you new adventures in new lands. Although this game also has 2 two game modes like the original version, it has three new levels. Moreover, you will be confronted with new sets of obstacles that demand your skill to emerge victorious in this game. In addition, the music in this game also is different from other versions. All songs used in the game are more catchy, which will make your adventure more interesting.

How to control: Click the left mouse button, the spacebar, or an up arrow key to jump.

All interesting levels in Geometry Dash Breeze

As I mentioned, this game has three levels. At each level, you find yourself thrust into a wonderful adventure in a distinct land. Here is the list of levels in the game.