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Drift Boss

14 votes 3.4/5

Drift Boss is a drifting game in which you only have to press one button. Drive around tight corners and over bumps until you lose control and go off the platform.

How to Play

Car control clicks to go right and release the button to go left, very easy and not fussy.

The key to staying on the platform, though, is time and planning ahead. When turning bends, there will be troublesome spots, such as bumps, that you must account for. Some platforms are also narrower than others, requiring more precise turning judgment.


The more time you spend playing Drift Boss, the easier it is to stay on the platform and avoid falling off. You will be rewarded for your achievements in a number of ways throughout the game.

Daily prizes - a fresh daily award will be accessible each day.

Spin-to-win - Spin-to-win prizes are unpredictably awarded at any time during the game.

These prizes are either boosters or currency that may be used to buy anything from boosters to better-handling cars. Boosters are bonuses given out at the beginning of each game to help you enhance your score. These include limited-time deals like double score, auto insurance, and coin rush. These include limited-time deals like as double score, auto insurance, and coin rush.



To move to the right, use the left mouse button or the space bar.