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Avatar Game

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Avatar Game is a running adventure game based on the famous movie The Way Of Water. Control your character to explore three exciting game modes.

Start an adventurous journey, Avatar Game gives you a new playing interface. This game is a combination of the running genre and the adventure genre, creating a distinct impression. Anyone can play this game. Even if you've never played this type of game before, you can easily play it at Stereo Madness level. This is the first level and also the easiest to play. Next is Back On Track, in this mode will be for those of you who are familiar with this running gameplay. To challenge gamers who have a lot of experience playing the long-running genre. This game has added a Polegist mode. The game still promises to bring many interesting things in the future. Hope you can rate this game objectively so that the developer continues to improve it.

How to control:

Use spacebar or mouse click to play. You can also read the game carefully to follow the instructions.

Instructions for playing Avatar Game

There are three levels in this game, each level will have 2 modes for you to choose from. One mode is casual play and one is a practice mode. In normal mode you will need to use your skills to try to reach the finish line, if you make it, the game will return to the beginning and start over. In practice mode, you will be guided in detail and how to play. When you die you will be returned to the part where you just died and begin to learn how to overcome it, unlike the normal mode, which is back to the beginning. Use the Z key to mark the replay point. X key for you to delete the marker. Wish you conquer all three levels and get up to three stars.