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About JustFall.LOL


JustFall. LOL is a new free online multiplayer game based on the Battle Royale genre in which you can compete against thousands of other players. You must avoid falling from the hexagon and become the final penguin alive. Check out our 1v1 online fighting games!

Many users consider this to be one of the best online multiplayer games because you may compete with friends and other players in a series of challenges until only one penguin remains. In this 3D crash hexagon, become the top player.

Only the quickest penguin, best dribbler, and best jumper will win the online competition in the JustFall hexagon crash.
But, if you fall off the hex… be careful. You will be disqualified!

JustFall. LOL is the most entertaining multiplayer online game you can play with your pals. You do not need to pay to play this free multiplayer game, and there are no particular requirements.All you need is a smartphone and Internet access.
JustFall is a free game?

Yes, the game is made to be completely free to play. We want users to play multiplayer games without paying. That's why we are the best free online multiplayer game in the 3D crash hexagon.

Why is the game about penguins?

JustFall.LOL is not just a penguin game; it's also an online multiplayer game with friends. Players play as penguins and compete in hexagonal arenas to see who lives the longest and who will become the one to be. Win the 1v1 match of this online multiplayer game.

How to control the penguin in an online multiplayer game?

You don't need to have good technique. Just use the control button that appears on the phone screen. You can play with the penguin in the hexagonal game of collapsing, moving, jumping, and sliding very easily.

You have to move around the hexagon as fast as possible and try not to fall. The tiles will collapse while you jump or move non-stop.

In this multiplayer penguin game, there are 3 floors. The game starts from the first floor at the top. If you are not fast, the corner of your hand to jump from one tile to another, you will fall to the 2nd floor. Until you fall to the last floor, the 3rd floor, you will no longer have the opportunity to play this 1v1 game again if you fell.

On the last floor, you must be the last penguin left on the hexagon. If you are the last penguin, you will be the winner of this online multiplayer game!

JustFall.LOL Feature

– You can choose 12 different colors to decorate the skin color of the penguin. You can choose to make your friends and other players see you in the game

– How to play a game of online multiplayer with friends?
We love playing with friends at JustFall.LOL, so make a game in PARTY MODE, share the URL with your buddies, and they'll join right away.

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