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Fall Boys

About Fall Boys


Fall Boys is a game about overcoming strange obstacles, unruly opponents, and impenetrable physics laws as you stumble toward greatness.

In this game, you play for the guys who are up for a challenge with obstacles and difficult stages! Prepare to fall and perform your amusing run over and over again! Improve your abilities in this well-known ultimate game!

Game Features:

  • Run through the various obstacles and set your own record! Compete with a friend or neighbor to see who can beat this ultimate game the fastest! Knock out your opponents and set a new time!
  • Several Funny Guys Characters! Choose your favorite character skin and run and fall through different level maps!
  • There are numerous levels! Explore different worlds and have fun in this one-of-a-kind knockout game!
  • Various roadblocks You will encounter incredible obstacles such as carousels, elevator doors, hammers, swinging balls, and more on your way to the finish line!
  • It's a really fun sound.
  • Controlling the camera is easy. You can look around your boys in a variety of ways.