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About Dodgeball


Welcome to Dodgeball in which you will have fun with your friends in the pool. Defend your goalpost and throw the ball at your rival's goalpost to score.

This game is one of 2 Player Games that you must try this summer. In this game, you and your friends will have fun at the pool. The rules of this game are really simple. But first, let's choose one of the game modes now. There are three game modes that you can select.

All game modes

  • Match Mode: This mode allows you to join an exciting dodgeball match in which you must throw the ball into your opponent's goalpost. If you can do that, you will score one point. Besides throwing the ball, you also need to defend your goalpost when your opponent throws the ball at you. Prevent your rival from scoring at all costs to become the winner. Note that you can invite your friends to play this mode with you.
  • Versus Mode: The gameplay of this game is fairly similar to wrestling games. However, in this mode, you will play as a team. Each team has two members. A member will sit on the shoulder of another one. The mission of the under member is to swim around to approach your opponent. The task of the sitting member is to push your rival to make him fall into the water. Besides, remember to collect power-ups to increase your speed and power and freeze your enemies.
  • Challenge Mode: In this game mode, your mission is to throw the ball at your opponent to kill him. After eliminating a rival, you will swim into another pool and fight against another rival. Try to defeat as many enemies as possible to gain the highest possible score.

How to control

Player 1:

Use the WASD keys to move.

Use an F key to throw a ball.

Player 2:

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use a K key to throw a ball.