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Description is an IO game that is available for free. is the ultimate obstacle course survival game on the internet, so sharpen your elbows and fuel up your sneakers. In this game, you'll be pitted against hundreds of thousands of real-life gamers from all around the world in an attempt to complete the obstacle course first and stay alive.Avoid pit traps, swinging bats, and floating platforms by bumping into other players, pushing them around, and keeping your head down. It's a true survival game in which the winner is determined by who's the fastest, strongest, and meanest.You can sabotage other players, try to go ahead of them, and be the first to win large. This is the game for you if you enjoy a completely 3-D arena atmosphere, a game of skill, dedication, and astronomically upgraded dudes bashing their way to the head of the line.In this spectacular obstacle course game, be ready to jump, dodge, duck, and smash your way to the head of the line to the top of the leaderboard.

Game Features
There are almost 150 different customizations to choose from!
18 distinct and original maps
Quick matches, rapid gameplay, a variety of gamemodes, and don't forget to collect AstroCoins hidden throughout the maps!

Using the W A S D keys, navigate your astronaut around the map.
By hitting E, you can move the player around.
Jump by pressing the Space Bar.
Move your mouse around to take a look around.