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BitLife - Life Simulator

About BitLife - Life Simulator


BitLife - Life Simulator is an attractive arcade game. In this game, your mission is to help your character increase in age and complete daily activities.

The game simulates the daily life of a girl named Shauna Phillips. Her mother is Destiny Phillips. His father is Rocky Phillips, and his brother is Ross Phillips. You will transform into a little girl Shauna and complete all the tasks and activities of a normal girl from birth to adulthood. Increase her age by participating in activities in the Activities section. There are many activities for you to take part in. However, you can only join some appropriate activities for your age. For example, you can not race horses only six years old. At this age, you can only go to school, or go to the doctor. Gradually raise your age to discover more interesting activities such as participating in horse racing, buying a lottery ticket, suing someone, or moving to another country. Engage in financial activities when you are old enough to be able to earn a lot of extra money. You can buy a house or expensive cars for yourself. Furthermore, you can also purchase additional ribbons such as fertile, scandalous, lazy, hero, and rich. There are up to 30 ribbons for you to choose from.

You can customize your character. You can change your name or profile to start a new life. The bars below will mention your indicators. It will talk about your happiness, health, intelligence, and even your appearance. These metrics will change over time, and it is not fixed.

Features of BitLife - Life Simulator: 

  • Characters can be customized.
  • Many realistic activities for you to explore.
  • The plot is presented clearly.
  • Simple gameplay.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.