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Duck Life

About Duck Life


Duck Life is a duck racing game with many levels of training to help you develop your athletic ability.You should try it and you will like it.
When you've put in the necessary training, you join a duck 'quadrathlon,' which puts your running, climbing, swimming, and flying abilities to the test. A duck's life is much like any other!

How to Play
You begin Duck Life by teaching your duck the fundamental abilities of running, flying, climbing, and swimming. You will lose if you start a race without first training. A successful duck always finishes first in each race, and you must do the same to advance to the next level.


  • Developing your duck's abilities is an important part of the game. To accomplish so, you'll need money.
  • In Duck Life, you earn money by collecting them during training and winning races. You can spend your golden value tokens on duck feed, which boosts your energy and helps you win races.
  • When you've pushed your duck to the limit in training sessions, coins may be used to upgrade the maximum level cap.
  • You'll be able to earn various headwear and skin tones by winning races.

Running controls
Use up arrow to jump.

Flying controls
To change direction, use the up and down arrows.

Swimming controls
Jump using the up arrow and dive with the down arrow. To go left and right, press the left and right arrows.

Climbing controls
To bounce between the canyon's two sides, use the left and right arrows.