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About Bloxd.IO


Bloxd.IO is a free io game. Your task is to twist, turn, run and jump your way through large themed worlds.

The game takes parkour-inspired and makes your way to the end of the maps! The game includes many different game modes such as Peaceful, DoodleCube, EvilTower, BloxdHop, and CubeWarfare. Each minigame will have different tasks, for example, BloxdHop, you will have the task of reaching the end of the map successfully. In DoodleCube, your mission is to create objects based on themes, and in EvilTower, you will race top with other players. Race to the end, get a high score, and earn gold while doing so. Then spend your hard-earned gold in the shop by pressing B or the shop icon in the bottom left corner, buying power-ups so you can get an even more amazing high score! 

You can also customize the game to the first-person or third-person gameplay by pressing the P key. This is very unique to help you have more experience when playing. Each minigame has different contexts and different missions. Experience all of them to overcome all the difficult missions. Or if you adore a certain minigame, you can completely focus on that. Good luck.

Features of Bloxd. IO:

  • Multiplayer.
  • There are five different modes: Peaceful, DoodleCube, EvilTower, BloxdHop, and CubeWarfare mode. 
  • Various types of quests.
  • The shop sells power-ups:  Speed boost, Jump boost, Double jump, triple jump, 5 blocks, etc.
  • There are leaderboards and task boards in each mode.

How to play: 

WASD to move.

Space to jump.

C to crouch.

Shift to run.

Left-click to break a block.

Right-click / E to place a block.

Q to drop block.