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Imposter Battle Royale

About Imposter Battle Royale


Imposter Battle Royale is a shooting game with a weapons-combination system and a battle royale mode.

Are you willing to put your life on the line to protect yourself while ruthlessly annihilating your hazardous opponents? Combine weapons to create more powerful ones, and use the money to improve your defenses.

Avoid death at the hands of sharp traps and evil adversaries by exploring every area of this perilous space colony, and try to keep your life meter topped up if you want to claim victory. Keep a close eye on the map, pursue your adversaries, defend your back, and gather weapons to defend yourself against any attack. Only someone as bold and energetic as you will be able to make it through this difficult voyage.

A starship traveled to the distant Puda galaxy in 2221 AD. The spaceship's resources were depleted after a long, lengthy voyage. Riots broke out as all of the crew members scrambled for resources, and you were one of the victims. One member has only one goal: to eliminate all adversaries, and mutants, finish the task, and arrive at the objective.

There are several game types, dozens of weapons, and 15 rankings in this game. You must also constantly synthesize advanced weaponry, raise your ranks, and finish the fight triumph in order to progress in the game. It's worth noting that unlocking the drone treasure trove can help you win the game!

Each weapon has its own attack characteristics and skill set, so be ready to experiment!


Move: WASD

Enter/pick up: E

Shoot: left mouse button