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Geometry Dash SubZero

6 votes 2.8/5

Play Geometry Dash SubZero and you will be engrossed in a mysterious land. In this land, you must dodge many obstacles and battle with a giant skull head.

If you are keen on traveling, you should try out this game. The mysterious land is beckoning you to embark on a journey that is really exciting but dangerous. During the adventure, you will be confronted with an unlimited number of dangers such as spiky traps, lava, and gears. You must jump or fly skilfully to avoid hitting these dangerous obstacles and reach the end safely. Of course, you can utilize the jump pads and jump rings to overcome the hazards more easily. Another mission is to pick up three coins before getting to your destination.
Break a leg!

How to control: Click the left mouse button, the spacebar, or an up arrow key to jump.

The boss fight in Geometry Dash SubZero

Besides joining the adventure, you also need to join the boss fight in this game. The only boss in this game is a giant skull head with two red eyes. This skull head often appears during the adventure and is really powerful. It is able to shoot lasers and fireballs and use the spiky ball mace to attack you. Moreover, when the skull head gets angry, it will become red and rush toward you to hit you. In addition, this boss can self-replicate into two mini skull heads. The mini skull heads also have the same powers as the giant skull head. Therefore, you must be careful when being chased by the skull heads. You must fly or jump up or down and run as fast as possible to attack the laser and the spiky ball mace. Do your best not to get caught and reach the end of the land safely.