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Fall Guys

About Fall Guys


Fall Guys is a multiplayer game where you need to overcome many challenges. You need to reach the finish line early to avoid being eliminated from the round.

Are you ready to be one of the players taking on a dangerous platformer? There are many mini-games given in this game. Many players join this game and want to win first place, so everyone tries to move quickly. If you are a newbie in this game, you will have difficulty in this competition. However, you can improve your skills through many attempts. Many players can spend hours playing this game.

3D graphics

This game is designed with colorful 3D graphics. The characters in this game are special and colorful. They are shaped like beans but have short legs. Even though these characters are small, they can move very quickly. You may have difficulty controlling these agile characters. With light graphics, the characters move very smoothly and quickly. You also don't spend much time loading this game data.

Great music

This is a game made with fun sounds. For the best experience, you should not turn off the sound of this game. With fun sounds, this game's competitions become extremely lively. Competitions will eliminate several players and select the final winner.

The rules in Fall Guys

Up to 60 players can compete against each other and overcome obstacles, such as rolling balls or moving platforms.

The characters are shown as colorful beans. In a short sweep from round to escalating mess, candidates will be clustered into an online community before a winner is left! Your task is to combat all the obstacles and resolve them. Try to defeat the rival in the next round to beat him the highest.

Use all your skills to escape, leap, climb ladders, run quickly, and much more. Try to defeat the rival in the next round to beat him the highest. Before the time expires, you must try to get to the finish. You're going to be disqualified otherwise.

Reach the destination

In this game, your mission is to reach the finish line the fastest before your opponent can do it. Players who finish last will be eliminated from the round and cannot participate in the next rounds. The finish line is often at the end of the road and you must overcome different traps to complete the assigned task. This game has platforms in the sky. Therefore, it's easy for your opponent to push your character into the space. When the character is pushed into the air, the character will start the journey again. This will take a lot of time leading to failure in the game. Therefore, you need to avoid obstacles that are approaching your character. Make sure you are the first to finish among the players.

Don't get eliminated

You can participate in the next round if you can pass the previous round. Each round is a random mini-game. Therefore, you can't know the rules of that round until you participate in the match. Each round only retains qualified players and eliminates unqualified players. In your opinion, what is a qualified player? The players who complete the given task of each round quickly are qualified. For example, you get 1st place in a round to be a qualified player. This game requires players to join in several rounds to get the final victory. Each round will keep a certain number of players until the final round. This final round will have only 1 player considered a qualified player. This is also the only champion in this battle. Do you have the patience and skill to overcome many opponents and win?

Unlock skins

There are a total of 15 skins in this game and you need a lot of gems to be able to buy them. Each time you win a level, you will receive 50 gems. Some skins cost 4000 gems so you have to win a lot of levels. How many skins can you unlock?

Some rounds you often encounter in Fall Guys

Rounds are randomly selected so you need to be prepared for every situation. Next, I want to introduce some popular levels that you often encounter in this game.

Hit Parade

This is a dangerous round because the participants have to constantly face moving obstacles. Maintaining balance has also made many players want to give up.

At the starting point, you have to overcome two relatively narrow pillars without falling into the abyss. Next, the opponents behind you will catch up with you, and a scene of pushing each other will appear. If you aren't skilled enough, you cannot pass this level.

Hex A Gone

Many people believe that this is the most frustrating level in Fall Guys. It does not follow any thinking or logic at all. The player's task is to run after Hexagons that can disappear at any time. You must become the last person to fall into the remaining spaces to win this round.

Jump Club

At this level, long pillars rotate around the circular arena. The purpose of these pillars is to push all players into the air. Therefore, players need to have accurate timing combined with skillful handling of jumping and clinging to complete this level.

Gate Crash

Gate Crash has frustrated many players because doors appear on the map that are slowly "growing" from the bottom up. They will emerge very quickly and unpredictably, so if you are not decisive, you will quickly be left behind. Time is money in this round of Gate Crash! Always be ready to rush to open doors.

Door Dash

On this level, only some doors can be opened. Players just need to head into doors according to prediction or intuition to see if they can get through the chosen door. You even have to climb on other players to get through this barrier of doors. In the next part, the number of doors will gradually decrease, so you have to be quick and decisive.

With many mini-games, you can have the best experience in this game. Therefore, you should try this game because it can relax your mind.