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About Among Shooter Online


Among shooter is a fun and colorful online game. Collect shields and upgrade your health, try to be the last crew standing in this competitive shooter.

Among Shooter Online is a 2D multiplayer shooting game that features three space themed maps. In the game you can play up to eight people and you can also play against bots controlled by AI to fill in the numbers. There are also portal-like vertical points on each map. Use vertical points to jump to other locations in the map and avoid other enemies, or you can also set up ambushes
Throw grenades at a group of enemies and watch as the death count increases. Use your melee weapon when approaching danger

You can play online with players from one side of the planet. 3 unique characters with 3 distinct weapons and different colors. They all have different abilities. You can collect protection or welfare moves to sustain more life, or you can collect guns you like.

Out of 1 (red crew) uses a very dangerous close-up shotgun.
Out of 2 (cyan crew) uses a sniper rifle that can deal massive damage from a distance.
Out of 3 (yellow) wields a submachine gun - making him the most balanced of the three.
Customize your teammates by adding a variety of hats and accessories and dominate the battlefield with your guns and style.

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