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Angry Heroes

About Angry Heroes


Experience a high-octane physics-based shooter with Angry Heroes! Join forces with brave little heroes to destroy the alien invasion and save the world. Utilize the slingshot and various power-ups to demolish every alien hideout and conquer each level. Battle against formidable bosses and aid the heroes in their thrilling fantasy adventure.

The planet is under siege by an alien invasion, and our beloved heroes are fuming with rage! In this physics-based puzzle game, take aim with your trusty sling and launch the heroes to vanquish the extraterrestrial threat. Your objective is to wipe out every last alien to progress to the next level.


  • If you're using a computer, use the mouse to click and drag the hero or the slingshot
  • If you're using a touch screen device, touch and drag the hero or the slingshot
  • Pull back on the slingshot to increase the tension and trajectory
  • Release the hero to launch them into the air and towards the target

Instructions to play Angry Heroes

There are 20 levels for you to conquer. At the beginning of the game, you need to align the angle to shoot Angry at the target, you will have a certain number of times to play in each level. When you use up the turn and you still have not destroyed all the objectives of the game, you will lose and stop the game.