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Atari Asteroids

About Atari Asteroids


Atari asteroids is a popular arcade shoot 'em up game set in space, developed by Atari. It's one of the most well-known arcade games ever.
Asteroids are flying at you from all angles, and you must avoid them and shoot them down to gain points. Test your endurance to see how long you can last!

How to Play

  • Move around and line your ship using the arrow keys to annihilate the asteroids. You may enter hyperspeed by using the down key, which is handy for evading near-death confrontations. In Asteroids, balancing your boosters and brakes to move effectively around the deadly space hazards is an art.
  • There's the rare flying saucer that fires indiscriminately in your general area, in addition to evading lethal space pebbles. To defeat these ships, move rapidly and shoot quickly to avoid being decimated by their unpredictable firing patterns.


  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • AD or left and right arrows to steer
  • S or down arrow to utilize hyperspace
  • To shoot, use the space bar.