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Bomb It 3

About Bomb It 3


It's Bomb It 3! Levels with a variety of opponents, explosive bombs, and action await you! Bomb It 3 will keep you hooked in front of your screen with four different game modes and ten different characters! Can you build a path to your opponents and deceive them into entering your cleverly positioned bomb, allow you to become the last player standing? If you answered "YES!" grab your dynamite and prepare to create a lot of noise!

As the third game in the extremely popular series, Bomb It 3 maintains the explosive fun heritage, and you should claim your spot before your opponent obtains the upper hand! As a player, your goal is to complete each level by blowing up your opponents one by one until you are the only one left alive.

Because the path to your opponent is obscured, you should try your explosives on the obstacles that form a maze of walls and corridors. To detonate your bombs, place them near to the rock blocks, but don't stay too long or you'll get a taste of your own potion! When you reach the side of the map where your opponents are, sneak up on them and carefully put bombs in their route, hope for the best!

However, be cautious! Your opponents are vulnerable, and they will drop bombs on their own, so be on the lookout for sneak attacks. Do you want a more difficult task? Before starting the game, you can change the number of opponents, players, level, and difficulty. Keep in mind! There are four different game modes to choose from, each with its own set of objectives for you to achieve!


  • Bomberman-inspired gameplay
  • There are four fantastic game modes to choose from.
  • In a match, you can play with up to four players.
  • There are ten characters to choose from.

Controlled by a single player

  • To move, use the arrow keys.
  • To drop explosives, press SPACEBAR.
  • Two players are in charge of the game.
  • Player 1 moves with the WASD keys, while player 2 moves with the arrow keys.
  • Player 1 uses the spacebar to drop the bomb, while player 2 uses the enter key.

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