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Build Royale

About Build Royale


Build Royale is a shooting game of the battle royale genre. Your goal is to fight hard to keep yourself safe. Break down walls and collect weapons to destroy enemies

At the beginning of the game you only start with a pickaxe for mining materials. Then you need to build walls for defense. Move quickly to increase your chances of winning, collect the best weapons to protect your life more safely

You can kill whoever you want. It won't take long to become a professional shooter because it's actually pretty cool and easy to play


  • A multiplayer battle royale game with a gameplay mechanism based on building.
  • A large map to play on with nice 2D graphics and a top-down view
  • You can conceal yourself inside a building.
  • Various guns are strewn about the map.
  • Fullscreen mode is available.


  • WASD is used to control movement.
  • To shoot, use the left mouse button.
  • To aim or change materials, use the right mouse button. To open the inventory, use the Tab key.
  • M to access the map
  • Jump by pressing the space bar.
  • To enter building mode, shift to sprint Q.
  • to reload, press R