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Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure

About Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure


Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure is an online game in which you must prepare for a race against your opponent. Pass your opponents and stay alive in this race

In the online game Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure, you must prepare for a dynamic race against your foes. As you overtake your rivals, the incubator will help you build your own car. You need to do everything in your power to free your friends who have all been imprisoned! In this crazy driving simulator with a police chase, having good driving skills and a turbo will be helpful. Become a car tycoon, improve your vehicles, and elude the law! So that you can survive this crazy race, battle with the boss!

Your sole objective will be to gather a ton of red gems, make it to the end of the track, and then survive. You can use missiles to destroy any enemies you come across. With the money you make, you can upgrade your vehicle and turn it into a true tank that is impervious to everything. To protect your life until the finish line, increase the size of the tank, the firepower, the strength of your engine, your shields, and of course, your defensive weapons.


  • W / up arrow key - accelerate
  • S / down arrow key - reverse
  • A /left arrow key - lean back
  • D / right arrow key - lean forward
  • Space - bombs
  • Z / X - turbo
  • Left-click - press the menu button