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City Driver Steal Cars

About City Driver Steal Cars


City Driver Steal Cars is a Russian 3D model and pixel art driving simulation game. Join and experience races like never before in this exciting game.

The best 3D racing games include City Driver Steal Cars. You can select your preferred vehicle and work to achieve a high score. There are numerous different missions in the game, and each one is more challenging than the last. To finish them all will therefore be an adventure for you.

Cars have long been used on the streets. However, accidents were inevitable given the number of drivers on the road. To avoid the police and irate street drivers, many people have resorted to city driver car theft games. This game is a way of life as well as a game. Any browser and any device connected to the receiving computer can play it. If you love driving games, you can play more GTA: Save My City to have more fun and satisfy your passion.

How To Play

  • WSAD - Moving / Driving
  • Spacebar - Handbrake
  • C - Change the view of the camera
  • Shift - Nitro
  • F - Get in / Out of the car