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Crowd Lumberjack

About Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack is a fun arcade game. Your objective is to cut as much wood as possible and build sturdy houses on the island and then receive gold coins.

You will control your stickman character. Initially, you will be acting alone. You need to cut trees to collect firewood, then gather more members for your team. You will lead the team to cut firewood to build a house. On the island, some places are required to build a house. Each area will have different requirements for the amount of firewood. You have to cut down a lot of firewood to be able to build. After completing each house you will receive gold coins. These coins are used to buy more workers and increase the power and speed of your team. In addition, you also have to collect gems to buy more items in the store. You can choose to buy a boat to make exploring the islands easy. Upgrade your character and ax to cut wood faster and get more firewood. In addition, buying legendary heroes is an excellent idea. These have special abilities like ultra-speed, dynamite, or gold workers. There are numerous islands available for your exploration. Let's build beautiful houses on these islands.

Features of Crowd Lumber Jack:

  • Single-player.
  • Many islands with different levels for you to explore.
  • The store sells ships and legendary heroes with unlimited boosters.
  • Workers and axes can be upgraded.
  • Vivid, beautiful visuals, entertaining sound.

How to play: 

Press “WASD” to move.