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Cut The Rope

About Cut The Rope


Cut the Rope is a series of physics-based puzzle video games developed by ZeptoLab for various platforms and devices that won the Om Nom Award.

Cut the Rope has distinctive and compelling puzzle gameplay and provides its players with the charm, engagement, and clever level design they expect from a puzzle game. Om Nom is a small green monster that appears in this game. He loves candies and is always ravenous. Therefore, your only task is to give him candy. The candies will be strung up on a rope at each level, you must cut the rope and drop the candies close to the Om Nom (Monstermouth )'s so that it can eat them. Each level's candies must be consumed before you can advance to the next one, marking the end of that level. By cutting the rope, you must feed the Om Nom in this fascinating game. There are no other simple and compelling video games like Cut the Rope. You'll adore everything about here! Cut the Rope has more than 150 levels, so check it out now, play it and have fun!

How to Play Cut the Rope

Feed Om Nom after cutting the ropes in the proper sequence so that the candy swings and collects all of the stars. Sometimes you have to cut the rope just in time for it to fall in the right place.

To advance further in Cut the Rope, you must have a specific quantity of stars. As you progress, new puzzle components like bubbles and air cushions will be introduced. Before feeding Om Nom, use these tools to secure all the stars.


  • 25 extremely attractive and addictive difficulty levels.
  • Interesting physics-based puzzles.
  • The number of stars represents bonus points.
  • Om Nom is a funny creature.


  • To cut the rope or engage, press the left mouse button.