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About DashCraft


DashCraft is a racing game for several players.You may race on tracks made by other users in this game.Select a vehicle and compete on tracks built by the community!


Race on custom tracks
Compete against other players on DashCraft community-created tracks. Each of the nine opponents is a phantom of a previous race winner. Take your time to climb the leaderboard and overtake them!

Build and share your creations
Create and share your own tracks with other players. You can create epic and crazy tracks using a variety of tracks and tools. You may also spice up the battle by adding acceleration, ramps, checkpoints, and other features to the circuit.

Pick a car and drive it
In the garage, you'll discover a selection of fantastic automobiles to join this game. If you want to drive them right away, click drive and go wild on the track, executing loops, leaps, and other risky speed tricks!


  • W / up arrow key = increase speed
  • A / left arrow key = left arrow key
  • D / right arrow key = right movement
  • Brake = S / down arrow key

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