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Description is a game of controlling helicopters and shooting other players. Mark your territory by building towers and walls on the map


  • Build towers with the right-click or spacebar and connect them by going through them.
  • When you close an area, you gain score and XP points.
  • Walls can be used to protect yourself because enemy bullets will bounce off of them, but your bullets will pass through them!
  • Stay safe until you've leveled up and can crush any foes who dare to attack you!

Extend your domain and attempt to conquer the entire map.

Use your abilities wisely:

  • Player speed: allows you to travel at a constant speed.
  • Bullet speed: your bullets will reach the enemy sooner. - Bullet range: your bullets will travel further.
  • Reloading speed: you can shoot more frequently.
  • Build distance: this is important not only for building faster, but also for protecting yourself during battle by erecting walls in front of you. - Tower shield: use a shield to protect your towers.
  • Tower HP: make it more difficult to destroy your towers by allowing them to withstand up to 5 shots.

At level 20, you will be given one of the six superpowers that recharge in 30 seconds:

  • Dual shot: unrivaled firepower
  • Speed boost: move faster to escape or avoid enemies. - Clone: double your firepower and confuse your adversary.
  • Flashbang: white out your opponent's screen for a few seconds.
  • Teleport: surprise attacks or evasion... the choice is yours!
  • Shield: reduces risks by allowing you to fire one shot without dying.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Build: Right Click or Space
  • Left click to shoot (hold the mouse to shoot continuously)
  • E or Shift to use superpower
  • Upgrade: click the skill or press keys 1-7

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