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About Diggy


Diggy is an enthralling adventure game in which you must guide your Minion character around the underground realm and extract valuable materials.

Game’s Characters

Welcome to the underground realm of adventures! You may participate in underground adventures in pursuit of precious artifacts in this game. You can, for example, transform into a Minion, a well-known cartoon character. Have you seen the Minions cartoon? Are you a fan of this animated series? If you are a fan of this animation or have ever seen it, you will be drawn to the charming Minion character because of their sweetness and mischievousness.

This yellow Minion has a charming color palette. They stick out everywhere with the yellow can. It also dresses nicely and wears huge spectacles. This has given this character a distinct attractiveness. Diggy, a wonderful character, has now emerged in this game. This figure will use a drill to go to work. Let's begin this game and embark on adventures with Minions!

Your Missions

In this idle game, you will turn into a Minion to explore the ground's underbelly. To have the most comfortable and entertaining experience, adjust the sound mode on the top right screen before you begin playing. Furthermore, if you wish to play as a new player, you may restart this game at the Reset option on the main screen. Let's go on to the official game once you've finished the setting procedure.

After selecting the play button, you will be transported to a lonely alpine region with huge stretches of deserted countryside. You discovered that there are several rich resources on this vast territory that you can use and profit from. As a result, assist your character in the exploitation and make money from this isolated territory. You will have a hand drill from the start. Use this drill to dig underground for lucrative materials. Red dots will show on your screen. These areas are rich in natural resources. Aside from that, there are additional resources that are invisible to the naked sight. Search for the most precious things using the radar.

You can drill almost anyplace with a drill. You do, however, have limited energy resources. When you have used all of your energy, you must halt the search and begin a new mining day. Let's see how many goods you can mine and how much gold you can collect in a day. Furthermore, at the end of a mining day, you can see how far you have drilled. It is important to note that if you drill into the rock, you will lose points.

Upgrades and Features

An upgrade is an important feature that you should implement. You may improve your minerals as well as your equipment, such as your driller, battery, and radar. Let's have a look at each upgradeable object! The first object is a driller, which may be upgraded into four different forms.

How to control

  • To move, use the WASD or arrow keys.
  • To dig, hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse.
  • To use the rada, use the E key.