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Dust Buster.IO

About Dust Buster.IO


Experience cleaning work through the game Dust Buster.IO. Control the cute vacuum cleaner, and collect all items everywhere to size up in the allotted time.

The game is created for those who love cleaning and want a clean space. Your task is to control the vacuum cleaner to go around and collect the scattered objects on the floor. Firstly, you will notice that you can only pick up small items. After you have cleared a sufficient number of things, you can increase the size. You will collect everything if you are big enough. Work hard to collect each object from small to large to be able to complete the mission. Please help to keep this space clean and tidy. You will get more points after completing the cleaning job.

There are many different rooms for you to enjoy cleaning. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom need to be cleaned. Outside the house, you can go to shops, restaurants, barber shops, and offices to clean. Unlimited space is a huge plus point of the game. Explore every area if you are possible.

Game modes of Dust Buster. IO

In online mode, you will join other players to clean up everything together. After the time is up, your score will be compared with the others. Then, those with high scores will be on top of the leaderboard. You also need to avoid larger vacuums because they will probably make you disappear.

In offline mode, you will handle everything alone. However, you won't need to worry about others making you disappear or losing. Furthermore, your character's size grows faster when choosing this game mode.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.