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Fall Boys Multiplayer

About Fall Boys Multiplayer


Come to the mortal arena in Fall Boys Multiplayer. You must overcome dozens of obstacles  intelligently and skillfully to overcome the other players.

Starting with the boy character, you must go through many dangers on the track. Moving obstacles makes it impossible for you to pass, or they can throw you away. It will take you more time to run to the finish line. While you are struggling to stand up, your opponent is constantly rushing to the finish line. Avoid obstacles to be one of the first to reach the finish line. After each race, the runners who finish last will be removed from the playing field, and the others will continue to compete in an even more fierce race. The last person standing on the field will be the winner.

Colorful racing tracks are waiting for you. You will be participating in the game which is extremely dramatic but no less attractive. You will surprisingly realize that the obstacles move according to their principles. As long as you pay attention, you can win the game easily. Overcoming them is not as difficult as you think. Good luck!

The feature in Fall Boys Multiplayer

The most significant feature is multiplayer. The track will no longer be boring when you have to compete with a lot of different people. Instead, they are online players from around the world. Both you and they want to win so that the track will be more dramatic than ever. In particular, those who finish last will be eliminated after each race round, stimulating you to complete the race track quickly. You can also invite your friends to join this game and try to find the winner.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.


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