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Fall Boys Ultimate Race Tournament

About Fall Boys Ultimate Race Tournament


Are you ready to join your pals in a fun-filled race in Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament? The many traps and obstacles that will be in your way will make it difficult for you to proceed in this fun multiplayer game where you can run and leap nonstop.If you don't react quickly enough, you'll receive hundreds of strikes and be forced off the road! Prepare to be the first to reach the finish line by putting your reflexes to the test. As the game advances, you'll be able to unlock additional maps and characters - have fun and enjoy the best gameplay experience you've ever had!


  • There are more than 51 shoppable, unlockable, or buyable characters in the Fall Boys and Fall Guys game!
  • Play multiplayer games online with your pals. Each game can include up to 30 players.
  • There are up to 12 exciting and challenging game types in which guys fall off the map.

How to play

  • Control the player with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Jump with the space bar.
  • Move the camera view around with your mouse.