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Gacha Life

About Gacha Life


Gacha Life is a social and creative game that appeals to fans of anime, fashion, and storytelling. Individuals can create their own characters.

Gacha Life is a game and anime-style dress-up and storytelling game developed by Lunime. Players can create their own characters, dress them up in various outfits, and put them in scenes to tell stories or create short movies. Gameplay in Gacha Life involves selecting a character and customizing its appearance through clothing and accessories, as well as its personality and interests. Once the character is created, players can place them in various scenes, add dialogue and music, and share their creations with others. In addition to creating characters and scenes, players can also collect "gacha" items, which are virtual collectible items that can be earned through the game's gacha machine mini-game. These items can be used to further customize characters and scenes.

How to play

Customizing Characters:

  • Tap on the character you want to customize
  • Select the "Change Outfit," "Change Hairstyle," or "Change Accessories" options to change your character's appearance
  • Use the on-screen buttons and sliders to make changes
  • Tap "Save" to save your changes

Creating Scenes:

  • Tap on the "Scenes" option in the main menu
  • Select the type of scene you want to create (e.g., School, Park, etc.)
  • Tap on the characters you want to include in the scene
  • Use the on-screen buttons and sliders to position the characters and set the background
  • Tap the "Add Dialogue" option to add dialogue to your scene
  • Tap "Play" to play the scene and see your creation