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Geometry Neon Dash 2

About Geometry Neon Dash 2


Geometry Neon Dash 2 offers an exciting experience with a challenging track. Your character needs your help to go as far as possible and collect many stars.

A cute square block must avoid all obstacles in the endless road. They may be other blocks, thorns, or wheels. Any omission puts you at risk of losing. To preserve your life, you have to pay close attention to every little thing. As soon as you encounter an obstacle, you must quickly click the left mouse to help the character jump over. Go as far as possible. You can test your reaction ability and reduce your stress after tiring work.


The top of the screen will show your score. The score will not stop increasing if you go further than before. To maintain an impressive score, you need to control your character skillfully. After you collide with an obstacle and lose, you will play back and forth from the beginning. Next to the score, you will see the number of times you died in this turn. You are not limited to the number of deaths so that you can replay it many times. Besides deaths, the number of stars you achieve during the journey is shown. Do not miss any stars to be able to change the character.

Shop of Geometry Neon Dash 2

Use the stars you collect to exchange for cute and colorful characters. 50 stars will be exchanged for a new character so accumulate them. Many new characters are waiting for you.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to play.