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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It


Getting over it is a climbing arcade game, you need to use a hammer to climb a mountain. Use physics and see how far you can go before you lose your head!

Getting Rid of It is a fan-made game based on the wildly successful Bennett Foddy and Getting Over It show. In this version of the game, the goal is the same, but the theme is completely different.

This amusing variation sees you playing as a cat in a plant pot climbing various colorful blocks and enormous fruits rather than a guy in a pot navigating a grueling and strange world. It's incredibly challenging and punishing, much like the original game!

Platform games always have a hidden draw that draws in lots of gamers. What is this game genre, why are they so well-liked, and which platformer is the best? We give you the solution and details about "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy," one of the most fascinating platform games, in this article.


In the game "Getting Over It," you'll change into a character by the name of Diogenes. He is imprisoned in a cauldron and must raise his body with a Yosemite hammer. utilize a mouse (controllers are also supported but will be more difficult). Bennett Foddy provides vocal commentary throughout the game on various philosophical subjects. Additionally, there are statements in the commentary that speak to frustration and tenacity in the face of loss of all player credit. As the player soars higher and higher, the challenge will increase. Current game progress won't be secure. They run the risk of ruin. When the player goes into space and reaches the highest point in the game, it is over. Then the game will inquire as to whether the gamer is recording their gameplay. If not, they will be sent to the conversation area where they can talk to other players who have finished the level.


  • Take your time; moving too quickly could send you hurtling back to the beginning.
  • Carefully leverage yourself over difficult sections by using the hammer.
  • Maintain composure and try again.


  • Move your mouse to make it move.