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Happy Glass

About Happy Glass


Happy Glass is a fun puzzle game in which you must fill an empty glass. Draw lines to get the water back into the glass and make the glass happy again.

A fun puzzle game with 100 levels and adorable graphics is called Happy Glass. The player's task is to take out a pencil and draw a line to control the water's flow so that the glass will fill. On each level, there is a tap, a few platforms, and a glass that is perched a short distance away from the tap. Draw a shelf from the faucet to the glass, being mindful of the platforms that are situated in between. While drawing a line, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, it is not possible to draw multiple lines. There can be only one continuous line drawn. The tap will open and the water will start flowing once you release the left mouse button. Keep in mind that the line will move once you stop drawing due to gravity and water flow. To keep the line in place, fasten it using the platforms that surround the level. You should also pay attention to how the platforms are organized. They typically serve as both a hindrance and a way to hold up your drawings. To solve the riddle and fill the glass to the marked line, study and make use of your surroundings. You can move on to the following level once you've filled the glass.


  • Fun puzzle game with a straightforward goal
  • Draw freely to make a one-of-a-kind path for the water.
  • There are 100 challenging levels to play.


  • To draw a line, drag the left mouse button.