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Description is an arcade physics puzzle game with battle royale mechanics.You begin as a small black hole and grow larger by absorbing more objects.

How to Play
You can absorb other players, but your primary goal is to consume as many items as possible. This allows you to develop quickly within the time limit of two minutes. If you are consumed, you will only have to wait a few seconds before resuming your life.

Game Modes's default game mode is timed. When the timer runs out, the hole with the highest score is declared the winner. You can also play battle royale, which is an endless game mode that ends when you are the last hole standing.

Maps has a wide range of maps to satisfy your appetite for destruction. There are many different themes to choose from, including post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, Medieval themes, and many more. To get started, simply choose a map from the menu. Tips

  • Begin consuming small objects such as plants and people as soon as the game begins. This will cause you to grow quickly, allowing your hole to absorb larger objects.
  • Concentrate on eating larger objects as soon as you're big enough. On maps with a lot of buildings, just focus on eating them and you'll grow quickly.
  • Don't bother trying to eat other players unless you don't have much else to eat or you have them trapped in a corner for quick and easy absorption.

To move, use W/A/S/D, the arrow keys or your mouse pointer.