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About Hot Sky


Hot Sky is a beautiful vertical shooter arcade game with cool graphics and smooth gameplay. Take it to the sky with your awesome aircraft and assault the enemy base. Prepare for take-off and start the action.

You are tasked to hijack an aircraft and fight the enemy for air dominance. Shoot and destroy enemies to get coins. Coins you can use to buy upgrades. Take damage and blast enemies in one shot, Speed, zoom through levels and avoid projectiles. Fire Rate increases the number of shots you can fire at enemies. Hitpoints for destroying tough to beat landmarks and get on with the next level.

With twenty badges to get, show off to your friends that no sky is too hot for an ace pilot like you. Take enough damage though and say goodbye to your shiny spacecraft. Battle waves of enemies and turrets. Maneuver across desserts and barren wastelands.

Beside Hot Sky, you should try to play Fall Guys - a web version of the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

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