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Jewel Christmas Story

About Jewel Christmas Story


Jewel Christmas Story is one of the best Christmas games available today. You can experience a variety of levels. Try to assemble as many coins as you can.

How to play

  • Each level has a target consisting of ornaments that must be matched in a line of three, either horizontally or vertically, to eliminate them. When you reach your target, the level is finished.
  • You only have a certain number of moves per level, so consider your options carefully. Simply click and drag on the items to swap them with those that are nearby in order to match them.
  • You can obtain and use boosters before each level, so perhaps set some to use or go without if you think you can handle it. Just be careful not to run out of moves or you'll have to restart.


  • Use your boosters to pass the levels. To complete the missions, you must match at least three items that are the same. Amass game currency so you can use it to purchase boosters from the store and loot boxes. open the door to your future.

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