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Jungle Run Oz

About Jungle Run Oz


Jungle Run Oz is an amazing running game in which you have to control a zombie or mutation to run as fast as possible and collect as many potions as possible.

An evil doctor caught many people and turned them into flesh-eating zombies. You are also one of these unfortunate victims. As a zombie, you have to chase after a doctor to catch him. Try to run as far as possible. The jungle is full of dangerous obstacles and traps such as spikes, stones, plants and so on. Try to jump as high as possible and slide down to avoid them. If you unexpectedly hit them, the game is over. After that, you will have a lot of options and resources. Use the resources to upgrade your zombie. Don't forget to collect as many potions and gems as possible. Use the potions and gems you get to upgrade the castle with more challenges and purchase new zombies and mutations in the shop.

Features of Jungle Run

  • A variety of zombies and mutations to select
  • Many deadly obstacles to avoid
  • Incredible graphics and lively music

How to play

Press 'ARROW KEYS' to move, jump and slide down