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Kipas Guys

About Kipas Guys


Kipas Guys is a free multiplayer Android mod that was produced by Kitka Games and is based on the game Stumble Guys. Conquer the levels now!

Kipas Guys is a free casual multiplayer game where players compete against each other in a variety of crazy minigames. Players can have countless hours of fun with this game. Kipas Guy, often known as a copy of Stumble Guys, gives you the opportunity to compete against as many as 32 other players in a crowded arena full of obstacles. There is only one person who can win, and they must prevail over all of their competitors and overcome all of the obstacles. You can have a good time either with your existing friends or with new people you meet while playing games online.

How to play

  • The Kipas Guys play according to the guidelines of the battle royale format. It's a one-on-one match between you and the other participants, and the loser is eliminated. The winner of the competition will be determined only by who is the last person still alive in the arena, regardless of how the challenges are completed.
  • A fight consists of three to seven rounds, each of which is arbitrarily split into a separate level, such as survival, pursuit, party, etc. Every round is like its own little minigame, with a set number of players and a time limit. When there are sufficient players for the next round, the players who are still left in the game will be eliminated.


  • As soon as the timer reaches zero, it is time to compete against the other participants in the round in an effort to win a place in the subsequent round.
  • The controls can easily be understood by anyone. You only need to press one button to move, and you only need to press one button to either sprint, leap, or slide through the obstacles.