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Pack a Bag

About Pack a Bag


Arrange your belongings neatly in the game Pack a Bag. Maybe you're preparing things for a trip, a business trip, a doctor's kit, a soldier's weapon box,...

Levels range from easy to difficult in the game

Initial Levels: The early stages of the game serve as a tutorial, helping you get used to the mechanics. You'll start with a few items and a relatively roomy bag, allowing you to experiment with different packing strategies without too much difficulty. These levels are designed to help you understand the fundamentals of space arrangement.

Increasing complexity: As you advance, the number of items you need to pack increases, and the available space seems to shrink. Items have also become more diverse in shape and size, making it more difficult to find the right fit. This increasing complexity keeps the game interesting and challenging, pushing your spatial reasoning abilities to the limit.

Use hints

If you find it difficult to overcome the challenge, don't worry because you can also use the game's help to get useful suggestions for you. You can also remove an item if it seems impossible to fit everything in. These features ensure that the game remains fun and accessible, even when the packing gets tough.

How to play

Use the mouse.