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Paper.IO 2

About Paper.IO 2


Paper.IO 2 is a relaxing arcade game in which you have to control your snake to expand your territory as large as possible and get a score as high as possible.

Welcome to the fight for territory! Initially, you are provided a small island. Your mission is to control your snake to move in any direction to capture new territories. Try to make your land as large as possible. Don’t hesitate to bite other players to kill them and invade their territories. However, don’t let them bite your tail. You will lose if your tail is bitten. The circling camera on the bottom left of the screen allows you to know how large your territory is. You can select other characters to help you to enlarge your land. 

 Features of Paper.IO 2:

  • Many characters to choose such as ladybug, bat, duck, Nyan cat, minion, and so on.
  • Smooth motion
  • Easy to play
  • Colorful graphic and soft music tunes.

How to play:


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