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Penguin Hop

About Penguin Hop


Penguin Hop is an intriguing arcade game with a penguin as the main character. You need to guide this penguin across roads safely while collecting coins.

Crossing busy roads while walking is an obsession for many people. This game exploits this problem but with a positive and fun side. By participating in this game, you can learn how to cross busy roads full of traffic. Your task is to click your mouse to control your lovely penguin character across the roads. Choose a time when there is no car passing to move if you do not want to die in a traffic accident. On your way, you will face a lot of different vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans. Be careful!

Besides that, as soon as you hit the pavement, you can take a moment to rest and prepare for the next challenging route ahead of you. Moreover, you will need to wait for the rafts to make their way across the water in rivers. Try to run as far as you possibly can in order to earn the highest possible score! Enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Features of Penguin Hop

  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Get the highest score and collect coins
  • Various vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans

How to control

  • Mouse Click