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Pinturillo 2

About Pinturillo 2


Pinturillo 2 is fun Pictionary game. This multiplayer game lets you compete against players from around the world in the classic Pictionary game.

Pinturillo 2 is a Pictionary game with a modern twist. This online drawing game has over 5,000 words and is available in five languages. Join over 2 million players from around the world and test your drawing and guessing skills on the web and mobile devices!

How to Play

  • To earn points, try to guess what the player is drawing! The first winner receives 60 points, and subsequent winners are rewarded according to how long it takes them to guess.
  • Pinturillo will say "draw" when it's your turn to do so. Anything that can be drawn, including an object or location, can be that word. Without using letters or writing the word out, draw the object as best you can.


  • Play the ultimate free online draw and guess game against other players
  • Available in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, and English
  • More than 5,000 words keep the game interesting each time you play it
  • Each month, there are over 2 million players


  • To play the game, click the left mouse button.