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Poppy Playtime

About Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is a fun online horror game. Explore the world, look for clues and hints, and try to solve each problem to escape the grips of evil.

Game story

You were formerly employed by the Playtime factory. It was the largest producer of dolls and children's toys. Here, all the employees disappeared one day. Police searched for clues in the case but were successful. After then, the factory was shut down.

You make the decision to come back here to find out what happened to all the workers after getting a letter from one of the missing employees.

You'll need to solve a variety of puzzles, gather recordings to learn more about the factory, and avoid vengeful toys in order to get out of this unsettling environment and discover the solutions.

The most dreadful creature is Huggy Wuggy. He has a big red smile and is the size of a blue doll. He would constantly pounce on you and chase you around. As you move around, you'll notice a lot of intricately decorated rooms with various eerie dolls scattered about.

There are a lot of cassettes and tapes lying around; gather them and watch videos to acquire possible hints for understanding the plot and progress in the game.

Controls Guide

  • WASD to move.
  • Left-click to use the item
  • TAB to display controls
  • SPACE to skip the dialogue
  • Shift to sprint