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Rabbids Volcano Panic

About Rabbids Volcano Panic


Rabbids Volcano Panic is an arcade and adventure game. Your mission is to survive last by avoiding falling into the deadly lava and defeating other players.

In this game, you have to control a lovely rabbit to participate in a survival competition multiplayer. Let's press the start button when you are ready to play!

You will drop from the sky to a floor with some tiles. These tiles can collapse after three players touch them. These tiles will change their color from light brown to dark brown. Be careful with dark brown blocks because they will soon collapse. You can run towards the tile edge to jump and avoid the collapsing tiles. If you avoid falling into fatal lava, you will win.

Remember to collect coins to unlock new skins and secret boxes to get special items. Have a nice time!

Features of Rabbids Volcano Panic

  • Enjoyable and fun gameplay
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Multiplayer
  • Unlock new skins and secret boxes

How to control

  • Drag your mouse or use arrow keys