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Rabbit Samurai 2

About Rabbit Samurai 2


Rabbit Samurai 2 is an action-adventure game with a ninja theme. Your mission is to guide a ninja rabbit to the destination while collecting carrots and bees.

Welcome to the ninja world, where you transform into a rabbit using a rope to move and collect items. The items you need are carrots and bees on the way. When you collect enough carrots, you can get the hidden run level. In the race, you will not face obstacles and challenges. You only overcome different topographic maps. The mechanics are so simple. As a result, this game is suitable for all ages. You can invite your friends or relatives to play together and enjoy a wonderful time.

Features of Rabbit Samurai 2

  • Fun and exciting gameplay 
  • Cute and beautiful graphics
  • Singleplayer
  • Be available on PC and mobile  

How to control

  • Use a mouse or arrows to launch a grappling hook. 
  • On mobile devices, simply touch anywhere to launch a hook.

Release Date

  • Jan 13 2022