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Shortcut Race 3D

About Shortcut Race 3D


Shortcut Race 3D  is an entertaining running game in which you will participate in an epic run race and win by creating the shortcut to be the first complete the track.

Your task is to collect the bricks, and wooden planks, then stack them into piles and make your own shortcut way to run over from the main race. In this way, you can run faster than other competitors and win the game. Be aware of sharp turns and zigzag tracks to run fast on tricky tracks. Save yourself from joining a clash of opponents and run from the shortest path to win this epic race of this game. 

But don't be too confident, if the pile of brick is not enough to connect 2 points of the racing road, you will fall into the sea! Remember to stack enough wooden planks to finish the map. Furthermore, the more bricks you carry, the slower your speed will be. Make a smart calculation to beat your opponent. Unlock different characters from the shop, and a variety of wooden planks to run as fast as possible to the finish line. Whether you be able to become the champion with your shortcut or will you fall into the sea. Let's try to test your dexterity when controlling the character across the track.

Features of Shortcut Race 3D:

  • The shop sells character costumes and different types of planks. 
  • Race against a lot of other people who are controlled by the system.
  • There are many levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Excellent sound, and beautiful visual.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to control.