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Ski King 2022

About Ski King 2022


Ski King 2022 is an action-packed ski game. Your mission is to be the king of skiing by gliding down the hill, dodging all risks, and collecting coins.

Skiing is a popular pastime both on and off the slopes. That's how this game got its start in the gaming world!

After pressing the start button, try to complete all five stages, each of which is more intricate and challenging than before. Use the right and left arrow keys to move and the spacebar to boost. To gain a high score, attempt to collect as many coins as possible while traveling downhill.

Your downhill courses are not as simple as they appear, as you must avoid obstacles and prevent being impeded by snow bumps, ramps, or ice. There's also an avalanche coming from behind you, so be quick and don't be caught in it, or you'll lose.


Features of Ski King 2022

  • Simple controls
  • Beautiful winter landscapes and cool graphics                                                                                                              
  • Level up 
  • Challenging races

How to control

  • Use Left and Right Arrow to control
  • Space bar to boost

Release Date

  • Jan 17 2022